PHALLOSAN® forte return guarantee.

Advice on the return of merchandise

Right of return

You may return the merchandise within two weeks without stating reasons. The fourteen-day period begins with receipt of the merchandise and this advice. The deadline shall be deemed to have been observed if the merchandise is sent off within this period.

Consequences of return

In the event of a valid return, the merchandise/payment received on each side must be returned and any benefits derived (e.g. advantages in use) relinquished. Compensation may be claimed if the merchandise proves to be substandard. This shall not apply if deterioration of the merchandise is attributable exclusively to its inspection – as would be possible, for example, in a store. For this reason we have transparently sealed the inner and wrappings separately. Opening the outer seal will enable you to view the instructions for use. Likewise, the individual parts of the system can be inspected through the transparent seal, as in a store. If only the outer wrapping is damaged, we will nevertheless reimburse the full purchase price.

However, if the inner seal is also opened – nor is this permitted in a store – return of the merchandise will not be accepted for hygienic reasons. The obligation to compensate can be avoided by not handling the merchandise as your own property and refraining from any action that may impair its value.